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Storiq One, the archival server

Suresnes 02/02/2015

Intellique announces the public release of its original digital archiving system designed for media professionals, SMEs / SMIs ... An all-in-one solution named "StorIQ One" that includes an archiving application, a shared-storage file server and tape library management. Web access provides Storiqone users with archive management facilities to disk, to LTO tape and to Cloud.

Ian Nathan, CMO, comments "Our priority in designing this solution has been to make archival easier. We have been providing network storage and file protection systems to the media industry for over 10 years and our clients have made it clear to us that while archiving is an increasingly critical issue the traditional vendor products are too complex, not adoptable. Let's put it another way: legacy products are just out of reach for many companies who really do need the service. We took a look at the market-place, listened to user requirements and decided it was best to build a solution ourselves."

With StorIQ One users can execute their tasks quickly and the hardware configuration is tuned for optimal performance, with I/O to tape of up to 600MB/sec, and to disk of up to 2GB/sec. Uptake and deployment is fast, and the open source technology provides for seamless integration with media production workflows and applications.

StorIQ One is available out-of-the-box in three versions. There is a Desktop version configured in RAID 1 with two SATA drives and an internal tape drive. Two rack-based versions configured in RAID 6 with tape library management are on offer with net capacity starting from 9TB online and 20TB nearline in library.

Intellique was founded in 2003 and has implemented over 3000 shared storage, backup and data protection systems world-wide via its network of VARs and system integrators. Over 10 petabytes are stored in open source StorIQ solutions.